Layla’s TV Debut

So today was not your normal Wednesday – to be fair i’ve forgotten what normal days are since i’ve had a baby. You’re actually lucky I knew it was a Wednesday. Motherhood is a bit like being back at school, just after the summer holidays when you go back and you’ve “forgotten” how to write and if you’re not careful can blend into one big shitty nappy changing, leaky boob, hungry child 24 hours.

We were invited down to the ITV studios to be part of their Truly Madly Mummy series hosted by Giovanna Fletcher, after I replied to an advert they had posted in a breastfeeding group I am in on Facebook. Rolling my eyes at the lengthy discussions among group members that applicants had to live within the M25 and whether this was actually a Manchester postcode (true story!) I thought i’d chance it with a sneaky email . They were doing a piece on breastfeeding and had asked mums to come forward with any questions they might have. ┬áMine was “how do I come off the boob?” I was apprehensive at first after speaking to the features manager and her telling me that whenever anyone does a piece on breastfeeding, they tend to get a barrage of abuse afterwards… bring it on, i’m highly hormonal MOST of the time and I will take you DOWN.

Once it was all confirmed, I made a mad dash to get my nails done (enduring a good telling off from Wei-Lee my manicurist on how I shouldn’t chew off shellac) and a quick blow dry (fuming at “you sure you haven’t got time to get your colour done?” – fuck off Fabrice! et voila I was show-ready. Shout out to Uncle Chris who was on babysitting duties!

So this morning, the alarm was set for 6.15 – killer. Layla was sleeping like a… baby, which gave me just enough time to apply multiple levels of concealer on my under-eye bags, get dressed in the darkest of dark clothes (the TV adds pounds don’t you know!) and fasten a choker round my fat neck in an attempt to look like a “trendy” mum. The car picked us up at 7.20am and off we went planning how if one of the Spice Girls just happened to be on the show – I definitely wouldn’t play it cool.

Looking out for the egg-pelting Boob Warriors at the studio doors (none among the paps as far as I could see), waiting at reception in the company of Arlene Phillips no less – we were automatically met with a warm welcome and I felt more at ease.

Mum-watching is slowly becoming my new favourite thing (plan to do a post on this shortly) as I find how mums interact with their babies and eachother, fascinating. I often feel the urge to shout out “its your baby, do what the hell you like”… but alas this morning, I found myself soaking up every last word of advice from the amazing lactation expert – Clare Byam-Cook

Her advice on transitioning from breast to bottle? “Don’t go with the softly-softly approach, find a fast-flow teat, the baby will take a bottle but brace yourself for a tough 24 hours before she gets used to it”.

They have just sent over the full video here for those that fancy a watch.

I’m off to work on my chins whilst Layla eats a packet of wipes – all in all a pretty lovely day in the life of Mama Shiz x