About Me

Half french – half Scouse, former Spice Girl wannabe, living in London and trying to get my head around just how much my world has turned upside down since becoming a mum to Layla-Rose (26.05.16)…

Over 10 years ago, I moved to London on my Dick Whittington pursuit to see if the streets really were paved with gold… instead I earned £18k a year, lived in a shared house in Fulham where my foreign neighbours would ignore me and I used to have to put pound coins in the electric meter whilst hiding from our landlord when I was usually late with the rent.

6 months in and I met Zak, the “man of my dreams”… he later featured in a few nightmares but we stuck at it. 10 years on we got married, a month later I was up the duff. So long to getting smashed every Saturday in Soho – it was nice knowing you.

I write to get these thoughts out of my head and to try and help other mums realise that there are other mums who are finding it just as tough as you, especially this one.